FTC World Championship Schedule:

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We are in the Ochoa division.

Match 15: Blue alliance

Match 25: Red alliance

Match 43: Red alliance

Match 53: Blue alliance

Match 76: Red alliance

Match 92: Blue alliance

Match 105: Blue alliance

Match 115: Blue alliance

Match 129: Red alliance

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We are FTC team #8808, the Ponytail Posse. Welcome to our official website!

The Ponytail Posse

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FTC is a competitive robotics program run by the FIRST® organization. Click their logo to the right or visit the “About” page to learn more.

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About: Information about FIRST® robotics, FAQ, and team member biographies.

➔ Business Plan: Our 2016/17 business plan in dazzling PDF form.

Blog: Updates and demos, presentations, fundraisers, and other special events.

Contact: All of our social media and contact information. Come and say hello!

Awards: Every award we’ve earned over our seven years in FLL and FTC.

Media: Times when we have been featured in news articles, live streams, etc.

Sponsorship: A shout-out & thank-you to all of our sponsors this year (and how you can get involved).

Team resources: Resources we have found helpful or created for FLL and FTC teams.

FTC Tournament & Challenge 2016/17: Full explanation of the Velocity Vortex challenge for parents and teams.