We started off the meeting by practicing our skit, but then we realized we needed some finishing touches on our skit before we could continue practicing it. So Emily and I (Amy) worked on adjusting the skit so it would flow better, meanwhile, Rose and Meghan worked on making the “shower curtain”, one of our attachment, sturdier and able to attach to the robot. Also, while we did those things, Sabriyah and Nancy worked on programming the tan tower mission.

During our work time, we were going to listen to the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack but Mr. Lam, our coach, was getting sick of it. I for one, am now addicted to it and love working to it.

We finished up our meeting at about 6 o’clock and then we had our Sunday dinners, this week it was a Thanksgiving like week. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, scalped corn, cranberries,a salad and of course, we had to have pop overs, one of Emily’s favorite things, also Mrs. Lam made a pumpkin pie. Also, in the picture shown below, we tried snow ice cream. It was very good.

.lego league 015

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