We are an all-girls FTC team from St. Paul, Minnesota. The 2016-17 season is our third year in the program, but before this, we participated in FLL (FIRST LEGO League) for 5 years.

FIRST® Tech Challenge teams (10+ members, grades 7-12) are challenged to design, build, program, and operate robots to play a floor game in an alliance format.” More information can be found at www.firstinspires.org.


FIRST is an international organization that runs life-changing robotics programs for students from kindergarten up through senior year of high school. These programs have inspired us and made a huge impact on our and our mentors’ lives. It’s #morethanrobots – not only do we learn engineering skills and documentation, but we learn how to give a presentation, speak to adults, create a solid brand, and share our passion, and more. We don’t know where we would be without it.

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Where are you from?

We’re a neighborhood (non-school-supported) team from St. Paul, Minnesota.

How did you get started in FIRST robotics?

Rose’s dad (who is still our coach today) was volunteered for the local elementary school FLL program by his wife. After the first couple years, Rose was old enough to join, so she invited a few friends and they formed an all-girls team. We gained and lost some members, then had the same group for a few years before finally adding Charlotte and Heeral to the team in 2016.

How long have you been doing this?

Our team first started in 2009 with FLL (FIRST LEGO League), so the 2016 season is our eighth. We’ve been in FTC for three of those eight seasons.

Have you ever gotten to travel anywhere?

Yes! After placing 2nd at the 2014 FLL MN State championship, we were invited to the North American Open in LEGOLand, California. We wrote a blog post for each day of the trip – click here for the first one.

We also traveled to St. Louis, MO for the 2015 FIRST World Festival. The trip was the prize for that year’s FedEx Innovation Challenge and we had the incredible opportunity to be “Innovation Ambassadors”, where we helped introduce FIRST to the FedEx executives. Like the CA trip, we wrote a blog post for each day – click here for the first one.

Do any of you want to become engineers?

Definitely. FIRST has impacted all of our career paths, whether it be towards engineering or not. Sabriyah and Nancy are both interested in becoming engineers. Amy is heading towards a successful career in marketing and/or entrepreneurship, which she says was directly inspired by the annual research project in FLL. Rose has also found a love for marketing, as well as graphic design, coding, and website-building (guess who’s typing this right now?). These are only a few examples – so even though not all of us aspire to become engineers, FIRST has made all of us interested in jobs that we never would have pursued before.

Why are none of you wearing ponytails?

Excellent question! Although we used to all wear ponytails to every event, over the years, our team name has become more of a symbol for our all-girls-ness. Also, none of us like wearing ponytails (except for, ironically, the team member with the shortest hair).

Who is Stacy?

Stacy is our robot, named after a character in a skit we made for the 2012 FLL research project. We also have a 3D printer named Tracy, a demo robot named Nina, and another (mostly stripped) robot named Jane.


CLICK HERE for the official 2015 Ponytail Posse cheat sheet.

Sabriyah Nancy


Expert at engineering and cold calling sponsors. She would one day like to parlay her robotics experience into a career in engineering. (Age 16)


Another of the team’s engineer extraordinaires. Has an obsession with color-coding and is the master of staying on task. (Age 16)

Charlotte Heeral


Part of the Posse’s hardware team. (Age 15)


Part of the Posse’s hardware team. (Age 16)

Meghan Rose


Our pragmatic problem‐solving programmer. Can be relied on to think on her feet when problems arise during competitions. Has the longest ponytail on the team. (Age 17)


Photoshop guru and social media
maven. Hopes to one day find a career that combines her loves of creative writing and graphic design. (Age 16)

Amelie Amy


Creative force of the team, passionate about all forms of digital art from filmmaking to photography. Her favorite country is Canada, where she hopes to live one day. (Age 16)


Talents lie in business, marketing, and presentation. Future entrepreneur and award-winning DECA participant. Always keeps the team going with her optimism… even when things are going terribly wrong. (Age 16)



The legendary Coco (co-coach) and CoLa (coach Lam) are a dynamic duo with an amazingly high tolerance for Posse shenanigans. Life is always a party whenever they’re around.

Stacy the robot


Stacy is stubborn and sometimes temperamental, but we love her anyway. She was named after a character from our 2012 FLL skit.