Air Automation Engineering Demo

Air Automation Engineering has been our sponsor for the past two years and we could not be more thankful! They have provided us with wonderful insights about the engineering world. Today we had the pleasure to go to Air Automation Engineering with an exciting demo. It was the first Relic Recovery robot reveal to our any of sponsors! Air Automation got the first opportunity to meet our wonderful new robot, Stacy the Stacysauras.

Showing AAE our updated robot

At the demo, we first shared our experiences in FIRST and updated the employees on our current project: The Ponytail Posse Foundation. Then, we played the Relic Recovery game challenge video which is always a huge hit. Once the employees learned about the game, we showed them the ropes of robot driving and let them drive Stacy around. They did a really great job! They were able to successfully stack four glyphs in the cryptobox. It looks like we may have found a couple additional drivers for our team — they even got their own official Robot Driver’s Licenses!

AAE employees driving Stacy the robot

Thank you Air Automation Engineering for your support you have given us. We are so grateful to have a sponsor as wonderful as you!

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