Boston Scientific


Today our team demoed at Boston Scientific. Actually, that is where our cocoach works, so it seemed appropriate to visit them in thanks of their support for us. Throughout the day, workers there would stroll by, interested in the robotics table we had up. We’d then tell them our definition of what Lego League is and the details about the missions and the way we perform them. Walking them through our runs, they’d ask questions while showing their interest. If they happened to ask about project, we’d walk them through our app. There was also a FTC tournament ‘table’ set up. When we had down time we visited them, looking at their programs and learning more about the missions they have to do. For lunch we had very good sandwiches, and played with the FIRST stress balls they had available in a basket. I think we’ll be using those on the airplane ride to the tournament, trying to stay stressed free!


It was a good time informing new people about the program. Some of them even said they had been planning on coaching it in the next few years. Way to go Boston Scientific!

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