Braun Intertec Demo

We took advantage of a couple days off from school to do two corporate demos for our sponsors. One of these was a demo for Braun Intertec, an engineering consultant company. We headed to their location in Bloomington about an hour early to set up and make sure everything was working.

We hadn’t planned on doing a presentation, but we mentioned it to the organizer and she seemed all for it. As people began coming into the room, she introduced us and then gave us the stage for our impromptu presentation. It went well and the employees seemed interested in FIRST and how it had affected all of our lives.


After the presentation, we drove Stacy around the field and up the mountain. We brought out our scissor arm (which was mounted on a demo platform) and described how we planned to make the arm work on the robot. We spent the rest of the time talking one-to-one with several of the company’s engineers about the subsystem.

This demo was a great opportunity to get to know the company and put a face to the name on the emails. We are thankful for all the support that Braun Intertec has shown us this season and look forward to working with them in the future.

Chatting with some cool engineers

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  1. K2 Reply

    Braun Intertec did a lot of testing for airport projects and is a good company to have on your guest list.

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