Cub Foods Fundraiser Demo

In order to raise money for the World Championship in Detroit this year, we set up a fundraiser at our local Cub Foods grocery store. We came to bag groceries for people after they went shopping. While bagging people’s groceries, they asked us about FTC and FIRST. After we answered some of their questions, we directed them over to a table set up with information about the programs.

Posse members Rose and Nancy bagging groceries

While waiting for their parents to pay, some kids came and took a shot at driving our robot, Stacy. Those who drove our robot earned their official robot driver’s license. The kids loved driving Stacy and we heard that a few kids even rushed their parents through the store in order to get back to the robot as fast as possible! After seeing their kids get so excited about our robot many parents asked how the could get their kids involved. When we heard this question we loaded up the parents with all the information they could possibly need about to find or start a team of their own. We hope to see even more teams in the area soon!

Kids watching and driving the robot

We are so grateful to Cub Foods for allowing us to come fundraise at their store. Their support will help us a lot on our journey to Detroit. Without the support of our community, we would not be where we are today, so we cannot express how thankful we are for this opportunity.

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