Demo for LEGO Bots

On a Friday evening, several Posse members went to Chaska High School to talk to an FLL team and get them excited for the season and their competition the next day. We were excited to tell them about Relic Recovery’s field tasks. Stacysaurus drove around the room and all the tasks the robot will perform in the Relic Recovery challenge this year, like filling up a cryptograph.

Many members drove Stacysaurus and a couple were so good at driving we want to hire them to drive our robot during competition. They earned their driver’s license after having Stacy pick up a glyph and place it into the cryptobox.

The kids loved the sparklyness of the robot. One girl even took a Snapchat selfie with her! They were also in awe of how she had eyes that rolled every time she jerked forwards and the spikes. After our demo, they showed us their FLL robot and their game plan for completing the tasks on their board. We wish them good luck on their competition tomorrow!

LEGO Bots driving Stacy the robot

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