Finishing the Final Draft for the Skit

Today we worked on the skit and we came up with names. Amira is Nicole Sparks, Meghan is Annie Ripper, Rose is xxx, and Amy is Ima N. Ventor. We were all writing our skit at the table. We all gave input on what to write and we tweaked it until it sounded right. Then we ate with the team for our Thursday night dinners. Every Thursday we have team dinners together. Today we roasted hot dogs and we had smore’s. Doesn’t that sound yummy? Also we did a team building activity with The Sugars. They are our sister team that our coach is co-coaching. They are in a different division than we are. We had to guide each other through obstacles. So you had a partner and you had to call out to them to your right. Step forward. Go to your left. No other left. Back up a tad. Then once they reached you, you completed the team building.

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