FIRST Friends Workshop

Our friends at Visible Spectrum hosted their first FIRST Friends Workshop today. FIRST Friends is an FTC mentorship project created by Visible Spectrum to connect experienced teams with those who are new to FTC. Our team was invited by Visible Spectrum to mentor rookie teams with Java programming and 3D modeling in PTC Creo. At this workshop, 15 members of experienced teams mentored 30 members who were interested in programming and learning how to CAD. Rose and Sabriyah were assigned a group of four students. Three of them were from the rookie all-girls FTC team Code Blooded, and we had a lot of fun getting to know them throughout the course of the day.

During the workshop, Rose taught them the syntax and the basics of TeleOp and Autonomous programming in Java; Sabriyah taught them the basics of modeling and creating assemblies in Creo. All of the students picked up our lessons quickly and learned a lot by experimenting on their own while we were available to ask questions.

Thanks to Visible Spectrum for organizing the event!

FIRST Friends

Teaching Java and CAD to new FTCers

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