Fixing all of the problems

Megan and I started by working on how to attach our box to the robot.  As we tested this, it took awhile to get it correct because we connected the box to the light sensors and if you picked it up wrong, the light sensors would fall off.  We got the box to attach to the light sensors finally and then we had to figure out a way to attach this to the side of the robot.  Then one of the mentors pointed out that the robot needed some improvements.  We put that to the side for the moment, and tried another box to attach to the robot.  We talked about attaching the box to the arm of the robot so that the robot could lift the box up and down and move around freely.  We decided we really needed the arm of the robot to do other activities.  Well, we still needed to work on attaching the box to the robot but we learned some things!

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