FLL Coaches’ Orientation

Every year, Island Lake Elementary has a FLL Coaches’ Orientation for all of their coaches in the program. In the past our coach would lead this orientation and last year he asked us to talk about the basics of the three parts of FLL, judging sessions, and any questions the coaches had for us. This year the person in charge is someone different, but they invited us to do the same thing again.

For the orientation, we made a presentation covering the basics of all aspects of FIRST and what the coaches could expect. Then, at the start of the orientation, Nancy and Rose presented this information and the coaches asked questions as they went through. Afterwards, they got a chance to look at this year’s board and learn specifics for each mission.

Rose and Nancy presenting to coaches

All of the coaches had great questions, some of which included: How do you divide up the work between the kids?, What missions should we do?, and many more. There were even some questions that our coach had to help clarify and the veteran coaches were also helping answer the questions from the rookie coaches. It was a lot of fun to see everyone working together to try and understand FLL and we can’t wait to see how the teams will do this year!

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