FLL Jr. Demo

Since we helped start the FLL Jr. program at Snail Lake Kindergarten Center, the coordinator invited us to demo at their “Back to School” night. It was a very new experience for us, since all we had to demo was a table with a LEGO model and flyers. We wanted to make the demo engaging for the kindergarteners, so we also had a LEGO plate-covered building table nearby.

The evening went smoothly and we had a lot of fun talking to the parents about FLL Jr. They showed a lot of interest and seemed excited by our description of how well-rounded the program was. Most of them were also amazed at the idea of their children programming a mechanized model; “Are you sure this is for kindergarteners?” was something that we heard again and again. We had a lot of fun at this demo and it only increased our enthusiasm for the start of the FLL Jr. season.

Parents stopping by to learn about FLL Jr.

Parents stop by to learn about FLL Jr.

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