FLL Jr. Demos

This week, three of the elementary schools in our district held their back-to-school night for students to meet their teachers and learn about school activities. At the three separate locations, Posse members represented FIRST by demoing Lego League Jr. At each school we set up a display board and model or two that were made by previous teams. As young kids and their parents came around after meeting teachers they immediately ran to us once they saw we had Legos!

We taught each kids how to start the models and they all got shocked whenever they activated one of the Lego models. Some kids prefered to make the bees fly around while others enjoyed scaring the turtle into its shell. A few kids even wanted to know how the sensors and motors worked. We were shocked to see kindergarteners asking these in depth and detailed questions. Some kids even taught other kids how they worked! We’re sure that they will make great team members!

The kids and parents at each location all seemed very interested in the program, and asked plenty of questions about how to join. We are very excited for the FLL Jr. season to begin with a bunch of new teams!

Posse member Heeral speaking with a future FLL Jr. engineer

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