FTC Kickoff Presentation

When we were asked to present at this year’s FTC Kickoff, we were very excited. At our first kickoff last year, we learned a lot that we could apply later throughout the season – we wanted to give the same rookie learning experience to the teams who would be attending our 45-minute session this year.

The Motorbolts, EPIC, and Green Girls were this year’s FTC Kickoff hosts. The topic of our presentation was the Basics of Java Programming. In order to have a clear understanding, we spent a meeting reviewing the basics of Android Studio with our coach. After that, we dedicated a few meetings to work on the slide deck and practice – by the day of the event, we had 18 slides and a whole lot to talk about in between.

At the kickoff, our presentation went as planned. There were several questions afterwards, mostly involving the new Android system and source code control. In general, the feedback we’ve received has been positive and this presentation was a fun opportunity for us to share our knowledge of Java with newer teams.

Click here for our Basics of Java Programming presentation!

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