Girl Time at The Works museum

Several years ago, we had a demo at a children’s STEM museum called The Works. The Works invited us back this year to demo during their Girl Time event, which is aimed specifically at young girls to help get them interested in STEM. When we heard about this opportunity, we were excited because the event is a great way to get girls interested in science & technology, as well as promoting FIRST robotics and getting them excited to join FLL and FTC.

We had a great time at this demo! It was so much fun to watch the kids get excited about our robot, Stacy, and ask questions about how they can get involved. We also had the chance to formally meet the Robettes, an FRC team that we’ve been following online since last year (check them out at!). They were hosting a demo in the same room and we spent a lot of time chatting about FIRST and robotics. This was the last outreach event with Stacy 3.0 before we take her apart, so it was a special one that couldn’t have gone better.

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