GOFIRST FTC Workshop presentation

This year, we had the opportunity to give a presentation about branding for the first-ever GOFIRST FTC workshop. The mission of this event was to teach younger teams about some key principles of FTC. Sessions throughout the day covered drive trains, engineering notebooks, and Android Studio, among other topics. Our team talked about the importance of branding in FTC and how to build and improve a team’s brand.

The main way we prepared for this presentation is by talking to the DECA and business teacher (Ms. Allard) at our school to review our presentation content and skills. She helped us come up with a lot of ways to interact with the audience. To keep the audience entertained, we put in some slides that had pictures of recognizable brands’ logos. We used these slides to explain the concept of branding and the how certain logos associated with brands can spark certain emotions in consumers.

Since our presentation was in the last hour of the day, most of the teams were pretty tired (including us). We decided to bring up the energy by decorating the whiteboards and getting people excited as they walked into the room – we wanted to make it clear that this would not be just a presentation, but a celebration of FTC and, most importantly, branding!

We spent the first 30 minutes talking through our slides. We covered what branding is, why it’s important in FTC, examples of branding, and how a new team (or any team) can create their own brand that sparks familiarity in others. After our presentation, we directed the room to pull out their phones for a game of Kahoot (a competitive and interactive online quiz game). Teams raced each other to get the right answer as we reviewed the concepts of branding and guessed different Minnesota FTC teams’ logos.

We had a lot of fun seeing our friends and learning tips at the FTC Workshop, as well as giving what we consider to be our best presentation yet. GOFIRST did a great job putting it all together and we look forward to attending again next year!

Click here for our branding presentation!

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