Last Tuesday, we “booked” an interview with Amy’s dad, who is an insurance adjuster. He goes out to people’s homes after a big storm, and tells them how much their insurance can cover. Seeing this year’s theme, we thought he might be able to help us with information about storms and their damage.

We started out our meeting by sharing the questions we thought of at home, and making new ones in order to prepare for the interview. We thought of some inventions already, and brainstormed (no pun intended) through all of the storms. Thinking which ones were the most problematic here, and in other places.

For the second half of the meeting, we interviewed. We learned all about what he does, and about some of the storms he thought caused the most damage, and the ones people were most afraid of. He also showed us a lot of pictures of massive damage and told us some stories. It was very interesting. We’ll be sure to use it this year!

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