Jersey Mike’s Fundraiser Demo

Through a connection one of our team members made, we were able to raise funds for the North Super Regional at a local sub shop called Jersey Mike’s. This fundraiser extended over three days, and during the business hours of each of these days, Posse members took shifts to demonstrate our robot and tell people the impact FIRST has had on us. We spread the word of this event via our school and districts newsletter, social media accounts, and talking to our friends about it at school.

Visitor driving the robot

Many families that came to support us had heard of us from neighborhood friends who had already heard of us or through the district newsletter. While these families waited for their sandwiches, we let kids drive our robot and we gave them Robot Driver’s Licenses. Other customers had not heard of FIRST, but would often give us money afterwards because they were so impressed with the skills that we have learned. We had also driven to our sponsors’ companies beforehand to hand out coupons for the fundraiser, and a few of them turned up to also receive their Robot Driver’s License.

Rose explaining how to drive the robot

John got his robot driver's license!

Thanks to Jersey Mike’s, we were able to raise enough funds to finance half of our travel expenses to the North Super Regional. Those three days turned out to be some of the busiest days for Jersey Mike’s. It was amazing to see so much of our community come to support us and we’re very grateful for their continuous support over the years.

Nancy telling her math teacher about FTC

Visitors checking out the robot

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