Library Summer Kickoff Demo

On a windy Saturday morning, our team went to the Roseville library to do a demo. This event has many exciting events that kids can participate in, including arts and crafts and hanging out with Stacy, our robot.

We set up a smaller version of the full 12’ by 12’ playing field to show kids and parents how Stacy makes a hoop and is able to place a ball on the center vortex. Even more exciting than watching, though, is actually trying to make a hoop themselves. Some kids were excited watching from the sidelines, while others jumped at the opportunity to drive our robot and try scoring a particle. Every particle scored got a cheer from the crowd and earned the driver a Robot Driver’s License issued by The Ponytail Posse. Other kids asked questions about how the collection mechanism or the shooting mechanism worked.

Kids driving the robot

Team members were also given the opportunity to talk to parents about our program as well as introduce them to FLL Jr. and FLL, depending on their kid’s age. We were able to share the impact being in this program has had on us. It was extremely fun for our team to interact with families and we can’t wait to come back to the library later this summer!

Nancy talking to visitors

Kids in line to drive the robot

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