Local Library Summer Reading Kickoff Demo

After spending a couple of months focused on school, we were excited to have the opportunity to get back into the community with the Ramsey County Summer Reading Kickoff. Once we arrived, we got to work setting up our table with banners and flyers. It wasn’t long before people started coming through the doors and kids began lining up to drive our robot.

Kids lined up to drive the robot

The next couple hours were spent introducing FIRST to curious parents while their kids drove Stacy. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of people who knew about LEGO League and had heard of FIRST before. It was especially great to hear how many younger kids were interested in engineering and other STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) topics, since we’re focused on promoting robotics within our school district.

Demos like these make us very excited about the next generation of FIRST robotics teams. We’re very glad to have the opportunity to share our experiences, so thank you to our local library for inviting us for the second year in a row!

Nancy helping a young driver control the robot

Nancy and a library volunteer looking at Stacy

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