Magenic Pancake Breakfast 2018 Demo

Magenic has been a major supporter of the Posse for over five years. All members of our team have become pancake masters through the annual Pancake Breakfast that Magenic allows us to host for their employees. We’ve learned everything from how to complete tricky banana pancakes to the most efficient pancake configuration on the griddle throughout the years.

Posse making pancakes while Magenic employees put on toppings

At this year’s Pancake Breakfast, we setup our station inside the break room. We were already making pancakes as employees started trickling in. People ordered their unlimited pancakes before sitting down at one of the tables to enjoy them. Some members of our team were demoing our robot, Stacy, and explaining our engineering notebook for anyone interested on the other side of the room. And a lot of people were interested! We all had a blast answering questions and watching employees drive Stacy.

Magenic employee driving Stacy the robot

Thanks to Magenic for their unwavering support of our team!

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