Magenic Root Beer Float Fundraiser

Today, some of our team members went to the 1600 building downtown to serve root beer floats at Magenic and to other companies in the building. On our way there, we got all the ingredients and supplies we needed from Culver’s: one tub of frozen custard, one tank of root beer, some cups, and utensils. We set up our serving station in the break room of Magenic.

As we were selling root beer floats, we discovered that everybody had a designated role that they did well in: Rose was good at scooping frozen custard, Nancy was good at collecting and keeping track of money, and Amelie and Sabriyah were great at filling cups with root beer.

Towards the middle of the hour period we were selling, we became more comfortable with everybody’s roles and Nancy even multi-tasked by taking money and showing people our engineering notebook. Although we didn’t have Stacy with us at this event, we briefly talked about last season’s game to some customers and how our robot worked.

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