Meeting – Thursday, Sep. 5th

We discussed many important things during this meeting. Since we were all very eager, our team discussed the mission board first. The missions this year are very interesting. We first discussed how to accomplish each mission, then we discussed how much each mission was worth, in terms of points. Since this year’s topic is Nature’s Fury, the missions were all related to this topic. For example, there was a house that you have to lift up by means of a lever, representing a flood house. Another mission was to push an ambulance to a colored region to score points. This represented getting medical supplies to people who have been injured in a natural disaster. After discussing how much each mission was worth, we talked about which missions were easy, hard, and which ones were worth doing. Then, we talked about board strategies (a rough idea of how we would complete each mission). Thursday night’s meeting was mostly devoted to missions, and we felt we got a lot done.

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