Mock Judging the Dots

The Dots is an FLL team who we’ve been sharing a basement with for over three years. We’d been hearing things here and there about their project this year, but we didn’t know much about the product they designed — so when they asked us to mock judge their presentation, we gladly agreed.

Their skit was based on the classic shower scene from Psycho, which they portrayed wonderfully with a flashlight and a shower curtain. We were excited to learn more about their product, the DripDrop water sensor. It was incredibly impressive to hear about the time and effort they’d spent making the product as realistic as possible. They had built a working prototype with a Raspberry Pi and were in process of making an app to go with it.

After the presentation, we dove into deeper questions about the product and its development. The team was very well rehearsed and answered every question we threw at them. We had a great time mock judging the Dots and we wish them luck at their tournament!

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