Mounds View Board & Shoreview Council Meetings

In order to keep our city and school district informed about the robotics teams in the area, we went to a school board meeting and a city council meeting. During these meetings, we got a chance to tell the administration and the council about the awesome things we as well as all of the other FTC teams in the area have accomplished this year.

At the school board meeting, we also updated the administration on the progress that the Ponytail Posse Foundation has made. We told them about how many teams have been started and how positive the response has been from each of the schools. We want to keep them informed as in the next couple of years, with the help of our foundation, there will be a rise in amazing people participating in FLL Jr., FLL and then FTC.

During the city council meeting, we spoke with another team from the area, Height Differential, to inform the city council about the program. Representative Randy Jessup, Rep. in the House for District 42A was at the city council meeting and he heard us talk about the program and our progress. After we spoke, we talked with Jessup, who we met at the Slice of Shoreview last summer, about the program a little bit more. He was really interested in FIRST because education is very important to him. We are really excited to see legislators get excited about STEM and FIRST.

The Posse presenting at the city council meeting

At the City Council meeting, we traded Posse pins for Shoreview pins to proudly wear at Worlds. Watch out for them on our lanyards at Worlds!

The Posse, Height Differential, and a city council member

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