Mounds View FLL Jr. Expo (Feb. 17)

This year, to support the 24 FLL Jr. teams we have funded in our district, we are hosting 3 expos. The first expo had 12 teams from 3 of our targeted schools. At the expos we set up different activities for the kids to do throughout the day. We also had tables set up for them to tell judges about their model.

In order to run all of the activities, members from FTC and FLL teams helped us out. FTC teams Visible Spectrum, Titanium Allies, and the Rubies helped students with the activities. The students created straw rockets, binary code necklaces, and LEGO models to be sent down a zipline. They also got the chance to earn their robot driver’s license after driving our robot or Visible Spectrum’s. Students also got the chance to learn all about FIRST LEGO League from FLL teams the Dots and the Anonobots. We can’t wait to see these FLL Jr. kids move on to FLL in the coming years!

FLL Jr. student driving Visible Spectrum's robot

When it came time for each team to be judged they all moved to the judging tables where the judges asked them questions about their model and what they learned this season. The excitement the kids had was undeniable. They all had learned so much throughout their season and they couldn’t wait to tell us all about it.

After the judging was over, the judges got together and decided what each team excelled in. Then, it was time to move to the awards ceremony! Each team waited anxiously to hear their name called. When each team was called the ran through the high five line and recieved medals and a certificate. We were so proud to see how well each of teams had done during their season.

FLL Jr. team going through the high-five line

FLL Jr. team receiving their medals

The success of this expo never would have been possible without the help of all of the volunteers, so thank you to everyone who came and helped out!

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