Nerdery Demo

The Anonobots, a FLL team that advanced to the Australian Open last year invited us to the Nerdery for a demo and a FTC Q & A session afterwards. Their coach, Mr. Mathiasen is the Director of Operations at the Nerdery, so they were able to schedule the demo for a Friday with a lot of people present.

Normally, on Fridays, the company has a interesting presentation and shows videos in celebration for the end of the work week. This Friday, there was a presentation on their makerlab which has a 3D printer, CNC machine, and other mechanisms. We were able to take a break from the demo and watch the presentation and see how similar it was to robotics! Since a lot of employees watched the presentation, they headed in the direction of the robots and were able to learn about the robotics programs. In one corner of their cafeteria, we had a part of an FTC field set up as well as a full FLL table. Usually, we directed people to the Anonobots first to learn about FLL. Then, they were able to watch Stacy and drive her around!

Nerdery employees in the background watching the robot

If we got hungry, we were able to grab some snacks from their cafeteria. They had a huge variety of different snacks ranging from poptarts to cereal cups. Besides the awesome food, we got a tour of the building and saw all the cool themed conference rooms and workspaces. They even bring their dogs to work every day! From what we saw, the Nerdery seemed like an awesome place to work and we had a great time demoing here!

The Posse getting a tour of the Nerdery

Posse and Anonobots

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