Operation California: Day 2

Today’s assignment: Scout out the park of legos in a land well-known *ahem* also known as LEGOland.


The agents of The Ponytail Posse were handed a form giving them clues to fulfill the assignment of knowing the park. At each designated spot, there was a hidden letter for this team to find and record. The clues brought them through the rooms of a hotel and guided them past Mr. Business’s victims, who were strategically aligned on the wall.


After each letter was found, they had to decode the hidden message. It took multiple brains to brainstorm in which finally they came upon a solution! Then the agents brought their high-tech robot to the zone…where they expertly ran the missions on the board. After many hours of improving the robot, they were brought with the predicament of closing time. To wrap up their day at the park, the raced to the ride called AquaZone. After having water plummet towards them, the agents took a ride back to Head Quarters.

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Signing off: Agents Amy and Emily

1 thought on “Operation California: Day 2

  1. Ann Whiting Reply

    We were sending good thoughts today! We’ve been worried about you with the fire. Hope you are having a wonderful experience! Bring it, Girls! 🙂

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