Pair meeting

       This pair meeting we left off where we were last time, getting ready to do the two sensor line follow to the east wall. The two sensor line follow is where we use the two light sensors to follow the two white lines around the black line to the end or until some requirement is met. The actual programming of it is complicated and takes a lot of understanding. Our coach explained it to us, using the whiteboard for aide. When we understood it we made a myblock out of it, which is easy to do and makes it so we can use it again without having to reprogram it. To get it so it would stop when we were in the right place from the two sensor line follow we put in the requirement when the touch sensor is pressed. We didn’t have a touch sensor attached yet so we attached one in the center of the robot. The touch sensor is a sensor that has a button in the center that can make the robot do certain things when pressed, bumped, etc. After we attached it we programmed it in to the two sensor line follow and it works great. Then we made a myblock that makes it so that you can follow the east wall to the north until you hit the wall and the touch sensor is pressed. From there we found out that we might want a hook to pull the trigger to release the purple germs, our next mission, and attach it to the motor with the box for the fish, from the earlier missions. After we found a hook and attached it we figured out that it caused some problems. The box couldn’t go up all the way so it hit the germ dispenser and we couldn’t make a turn. So by moving the box around we eventually got it to work. We ran into some other problems, but fixed them easily enough.  This meeting many things was accomplished

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