Regional Tournament

We had our regional tournament on Saturday. It was lots of fun! The robot runs didn’t go so well; our highest score for the day was only 110 points. But in technical judging it was the opposite. We did outstanding explaining our robot and programs to the judges. And at the end of the day, we got a programming award! That means we came in 1st place out of division one when it came to programming.

Our skit and teamwork judging also went very well. After we explained our solution to the judge, he said it was the most feasible idea he’s heard all day! The teamwork judges were impressed on how well we worked together.

Overall, we were the top team out of the 16 teams in division one! Here were the rest of our rankings:

Overall: 1st

Robot Performance: 8th

Project: 2nd

Robot Programming: 1st

Robot Design: 2nd

Teamwork: 2nd

We’re looking forward to January 28th, our state competition. Wish us luck!

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