Roseville Teen Tech Camp Demo

The third edition of this event was held at the Roseville library. Team members talked about FIRST and our past season in terms of robot and engineering notebook. Stacy drove around, performing tasks like scoring particles and capping the cap ball.

We were thrilled to talk to more kids that are interested in technology. The students are a very fun group to demo for because they have been exposed to programming, CAD, and 3D printing. They asked more technical questions pertaining to the robot and how subsystems function. It was like talking to a fellow team member. One of the coolest things the kids thought was the wheel arrangement on Stacy because the wheels are all at 45 degree angles, giving the robot the freedom to move in all 4 directions as well as a 0° turn radius.

As some members were asking questions, others were teaching kids how to drive Stacy and picked up particles to shoot. Everyone that drove got their robot driver’s license.

Teens driving Stacy the robot

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