September 9th meeting


Today at Lego League we went through all of the missions and figured out which ones we would like to do. After being cooped up inside on such a beautiful day we decided to go in the backyard and try out a team activity. There was a “lava pit” that held a bucket in the middle. As a team we had to safely deliver it out of the pit while using materials such as bungee cords. We didn’t work as well together as we could have, but we were still able to successfully save the bucket.

   For supper we roasted hot dogs over a campfire… and of course… we had s’mores! I hope the parents aren’t too upset that their child is jumping off of the walls all night from sugar!

1 thought on “September 9th meeting

  1. Jennifer Anderson Reply

    Were cheering for you girls already! We love to see whats going on so keep up the posts!!

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