Shoreview City Council Member


Last night we had a visitor. Ady Wickstrom, from the Shoreview City Council! We first showed her our skit, which we were a little rusty on but have improved from last week’s meeting. After we finished acting out our idea, we came forward, acting like we were at the tournament, and told her about our product. She followed us downstairs where we showed her our robot run. We tried to act like we were at technical judging. Image

She was intrigued and wanted to know how we did it. Ms. Wickstrom came with us to the computer so we could show her our programming. She told us that she had been a programmer of some sort in the past which was very interesting.

After she left we gathered on the couch to watch some videos from the tournament, finding things to improve on. When the video ended we started our team dinner. Since the coach’s wife didn’t want to make a ruckus in the kitchen while we had our guest over, she ordered pizza. We also had cookie dough pie, which we later found out didn’t have any cookie dough!

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