Sunday 1/12/14

The first thing we did was brief Sabriyah and Mr. Taher (aka Mr. Coco*) on what we’ve accomplished, since they were gone in India for a couple weeks. Since Sabriyah is essential to the “organized” description of our team, we had to make sure she knew everything, and now we’re back on track. I think she even missed the Super Mario music that I force upon my teammates at every meeting. (wasn’t expecting that!)

*Get it? Coco, like co-coach? Hahahaha… well, it’s funny to me.

Then, we got an overview from our coach on how he thinks things are going so far. We’ve been making better progress than we thought since Regionals; a decently high number of points in less than a minute and a half. Of course, to get accurate numbers, we ran through all of the runs we’ve re-programmed for State. We practiced the timed runs a few times and organized ourselves; we decided who was going to run what, how the attachment switches were working, stuff like that. Along the way, we also got some awesome new ideas for achieving missions with the minute and a half we have left.

Finally, we got to test out the new and improved script. Emily and Amy had been working on it for a few meetings, adding in facts and making it flow more easily. And I must say, there are certainly a lot more facts in the skit: always a good thing when being judged on research. Finally, we had a dinner of spinach lasagne (I had to look that up to make sure it was spelled right). Nom nom nom.

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