Sunday Meeting

Some of us came early to finish one of the missions. Once everyone was there, we all ended up off in groups fixing up programs, attachments, etc. Sabriyah and Rose went upstairs at one point, where they were explaining our “project” to some testers (A.K.A. Rose’s grandparents, etc.).

After working on robot for two hours, we went over to Fantastic Five’s board to run our missions, making sure our robot cooperated on mats other than ours’.

ImageThere, we went through most of the runs and fixed a couple flaws, all while being greeted by a friendly (ahem “very friendly”) golden retriever. In the car, we went through our skit (well, Amy and I did…kinda). We rushed in the house, 10 minutes late for dinner, and gathered up our pancakes. While eating, we played “Never Have I Ever” which was a good game for getting to know more about each other! Amy and I were out first (meaning we both lost and also that we’ve done the most things). For example, everyone holds out their hands, showing 10 fingers. Rose, or anyone, would say, “Never have I ever… been to Florida.” Everyone who has been to Florida would put a finger down. First one with no fingers loses.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Meeting

  1. mary kloek Reply

    Sounds like you had some real good testers! We like your game idea. Do well on Saturday!

  2. Nancy Reply

    During the season is we try to update the blog every Sunday and Thursday.

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