Video Chat with The Sparks

A few weeks ago, an all-girls FTC team called The Sparks contacted us on Twitter. Among other things, they asked us how we made our website and how to make a good impression on judges during competition time. We gave them resources to make a website and decided to have a video chat about the second topic, which took place after the holidays.

During the video call, we gave them tips on how to make a good first impression by speaking with confidence and putting together a professional-looking team outfit. This would also help them give a good impression to sponsors, which are equally as important as judges. We advised them to have branded giveaways like pins/buttons and business cards to give to other teams as well as supporters and donors.

In addition to talking about this, we discussed the Engineering Notebook. They told us about how they have been working recently on making their Notebook more thorough. We related to this and told them that, in our opinion, the work we spent on our Notebook this year was the deciding factor of winning the Inspire Award at our first qualifier. We offered to share ours as an example and sent it to them using Google Docs.

It was nice to meet The Sparks and we look forward to talking with them again!

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