As you may know from our past Facebook and YouTube entries, we participated in the Fedex Innovation Challenge. There were four entries that we had to enter to be eligible for the grand prize, which were described in a previous blog post. At last, we submitted all the entries and we waited until Fedex released the results.

On Thursday, April 2nd at 1:42pm, we received an email from Mr. Jason Baker of Fedex saying that we had won the FedEx contest! The titles we obtained were “Innovation Ambassadors” and we would recieve an all-expenses paid trip to the FIRST World Festival in St. Louis, MO.

Not only will¬†this trip include VIP access to the annual FIRST World Festival, but FedEx has plenty of other exciting opportunities for us. We’ll also meet various people from FedEx and have dinner with them.

We can’t wait for April 22nd – keep an eye on our social media pages for updates as the trip begins! See you then!

UPDATE: Click here for the blog post for Day 1 of the trip!

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