What Is Lego League And Who We Are

We are the Ponytail Posse and we are an all-girls team that consists of four girls. Amira B., Rose L., Meghan F., and Amy H. We are a group of 6th grade girls who go to middle school in MN. Lego league is a program that consists of two parts. It has a research section and the robot section. In the research section every year there is a different field of problems that the world has. One year it was bio-engineering, and this year it is food safety. Then you interview people who work in that field to discover problems they have. Your team will pick a problem and come up with a solution. Also in the research part you and your team write a skit that is fun to watch and tells information. Five minutes is the maximum you may have for your skit. Then when the day the competition comes you perform your skit in front of two to three judges. One judge is the teamwork judge. They judge on if everyone in the group is participating and working as a team. The other judges are judging on the overall presentation.

The second part of Lego League is the robot part. Teams work together and build  the Lego board.  Then, you must build a robot made up of all Legos and you program it to do certain missions. You can earn up to 400 points on a board. The board has different tasks needed to get done to get the points. This year you have to move a timer, get the food truck to base; base is a square box in the bottom corner of the board and that is where the robot starts. Some missions to get points you need to bring things to base. You also need to bring bad bacteria back to base. There are a lot of other missions that there is on the board too. Some more are, turning a thermometer to the correct temperature, moving a timer to the correct color, and more. Remember all these different items; thermometer, bacteria, food truck, etc. are made up of all Legos.

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