Craft Fair Demo

After our first demo with the Titanium Allies (FTC team 10272) went well, they invited us to another event, which was a craft fair where they were fundraising and demoing their robot. We spent the afternoon keeping an eye on enthusiastic young robot-drivers and talking to them about robotics programs. A lot of them and their parents seemed interested in FLL Jr, which is a great sign, since we’re working hard this summer to promote the lesser-known program.

Kid driving the robot

As usual, it was great to find out how many people had already heard of the FIRST programs. We had flyers about FLL Jr, FLL, and FTC for those who were interested and wanted to find out more. This was the first time we had all of the flyers gathered in one place and it ended up working really well for the wide variety of ages at the event.

Thank you Titanium Allies for inviting us to the demo!

The Posse posing cutely together

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