FLL Coaches’ Orientation

To inform FLL rookie coaches in our district about FLL in general, tournaments, judging, missions, and programming our coach hosts an annual FLL coaches’ orientation. In the last couple of years our team has helped out by scheduling the event and going through all the information while our coach talks specifically about this year’s missions at the end.

This year we hosted this orientation in the Shoreview Library community room and has two sessions. The first was general information while the second dealt with EV3 programming and other programming tips. At these sessions it was exciting to see many new coaches from the middle schools. They asked many questions during the sessions and a few veteran coaches came as well to help answer questions and provide ideas of other coaching styles. Also, all the coaches were enthusiastic about the new missions and couldn’t wait to see how their students would design their robot to accomplish them.

Overall, many rookie coaches said they learned a lot from the experience and we can’t wait to see their teams at tournaments this year!

Posse members Rose and Nancy talking to an audience of FLL coaches

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