FLL Island Lake Coaches’ Orientation

We were invited by our own coach (who hosts the Island Lake Elementary FLL Coaches’ Orientations every year) to present about the three judged parts of FLL and the things to remember for tournament day. Since we had presented similar content at the FLL Info Night at the Roseville Library, we were very familiar with the content.

We had practiced this beforehand frequently for the FLL Info Night, so we briefly rehearsed before this coaches’ orientation. For both presentations, we focused on the three parts of FLL (robot strategy, project and solution, and core values) and explained them extensively so the coaches could really understand what was expected of the teams. We also briefly talked about tournament day and tournament dates.

With the exception of some questions that our coach had to answer, we did well on presenting the content we had prepared. We really like doing presentations in the Roseville Library because we are connecting directly to the general public this way and our team feels that we are getting the word out about FIRST.

Click here for our FLL Coaches’ Orientation presentation!

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