High Monkey Demo

After being in contact with them for a couple of years, we were very excited to finally have the chance to meet Mr. Baglien from High Monkey Consulting in person. He was very welcoming and helped us get set up in their office space, which was one of the coolest offices we’ve demoed in. They had a sweet conference room, colorfully-painted individual office spaces, and even a wall displaying their huge monkey collection.

We started with the slide presentation in the conference room. Since there were only about ten people there, everyone got a chance to look at the robot up close and ask any initial questions. The presentation was about our team and the ways that FIRST has impacted our lives. We also showed them the video for this year’s FTC challenge, which was a good visual illustration of what the competition is actually like.

Talking to High Monkey about FTC

After the slide presentation was finished, we moved to their open sitting space, which we had rearranged to fit part of the field and center vortex structure. This was the first time we demonstrated the new collecting and shooting mechanisms on our robot, so we were a little nervous – fortunately, the demo went smoothly and High Monkey got to see wiffle balls fly. We spent some time going over different components of our robot before they started asking more questions about FTC and the team. A couple employees also got to drive the robot, which was a lot of fun.

It was great to finally meet High Monkey and show them what we’ve accomplished with their support. Visiting their office was a fantastic way to start our busy robotics-filled weekend and we can’t wait to see them again in the future.

Introducing High Monkey to Stacy the robot

High Monkey employee driving our robot

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