Lego Class and Meeting

Thursday’s 3rd grade Lego League Class:

We are half way through our Lego League class and the kids are having a blast!  Yesterday the kids began programming and customizing their robots.  After a brief introduction to the concept of programming, each team was given a mission to perform.  These missions ranged from retrieving an object to triggering a simple machine.  With the help of the coaches, each team made a robotic arm created to perform their specific mission.  Then, they went to the computers and programmed their robots to complete the action. Nearly all the teams finished at least one mission. Many of the kids were surprised to discover they loved the programming part of robotics even more than the building.
Next week, we will finish up our missions and be assigned new ones.  Some teams will move on to using optical sensors in their robots letting the robots “see” what they are doing.  Other teams will get more practice with basic programming and working with the robot motors.  It will be a challenge, but should be fun!
Our meeting:
At Thursday’s meeting, we struggled with the factor of missing three of our team members, along with our coach, because of a band concert. Aside from this circumstance, we worked on programming the robot, where we decided to add a new touch to one of our missions that wasn’t always consistent at State. We worked long, but were persistently troubled with basic problems. Examples being: wi-fi down, batteries low, programming issues, difficulties with the ports for sensors and motors, etc.



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