Lego League Tournament (12-1-12)

Saturday, December 1, 2012 was our tournament. We made it to state with our Research Project Award, Robot Design Award, and our 2nd place Head to Head Award. Thanks to all of our sponsors and cheerleaders along the way! We have some more good news… the Imaginative Orange Pi Guys will be joining us! You should have (or maybe you did) seen our faces when they called their name out as a wild card!

For all of you who couldn’t make it we started off the day with technical judging. Rose and Meghan explained programming while Nancy, Amy, Sabriyah, and I talked about the robot. Later at 9:45 we did our 3 robot runs. Our best score was 330.

Running the Robot

We then headed over to Project Judging at 12:10. We did great! We nailed our lines (a couple goof ups that I don’t think really matter). When they asked the first question “Tell me about your invention” we covered every question they could have possibly had in their mind. The judges were speechless!


After blowing them away it was time for Core Values. I personally think this was our weakness (if I had to pick one) but I think we accomplished their “secret activity” very well. Finally, at the conclusion was the awarding ceremony. I almost jumped out of my socks when they called our name for the first time. I’m guessing it wasn’t such a surprise for the other girls since they’ve been through this 3 times before. The same thing happened to me when they called our name for technical. But that’s nothing compared to when I found out we “won” the head to head! (Later I found out that “runners up” means that we got second place.) Every piece of clothing stayed on the floor while I jumped up half a mile (not literally). I had a mile long smile on my face as everyone I knew took my picture. Let me tell you, I was really embarrassed while in the car watching the video! It was interesting to feel the adrenaline in the air all day. Surprisingly I never fainted! These past 3 or so months have paid off for sure.


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