LKT Labs Demo 2017

Today we had the pleasure of talking about the Ponytail Posse Foundation and demoing our robot, Stacy, to our sponsor, LKT Labs. LKT Labs has tremendously impacted our team for our robotics journey of nine years. We are so incredibly thankful for their endless support and commitment to our team.

Presenting about the Ponytail Posse Foundation

While we were at the demo, we shared the impact the Ponytail Posse Foundation has on our community and shared how LKT Labs could further get involved. The employees were very intrigued and asked lots of questions regarding the impact of the foundation. Then, we showed them Stacy and her various subsystems and 3D printed parts. Everyone loved Stacy’s hands and eyes!

Showing LKT Labs our robot

We loved talking to the LKT Labs employees and can’t to show them what Stacy looks like further along in the season.

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