Magenic demo

As we have the past couple years, we visited Magenic (a returning sponsor of ours) to explain what FTC was. We also talked about what we had done so far in the season and our plans for the next qualifier. This year, about 30 people attended. The first part of our demo, talking about FIRST and FTC, was prolonged due to technical difficulties with our robot that we were trying to fix as this went on. This ended up working in favor because not only did we get the robot working, but we also were able to go into detail about FIRST and get people more enthusiastic about the program. After this was all figured out, we launched into our robot explanation (most of it taken directly from our judge’s interview at competition). They were also very interested in the technical side of things, since Magenic is a software developing company.

Overall, it was a very fun experience, and we introduced FIRST programs to both potential volunteers and parents who’s kids’ would be interested. The biggest lesson we took away from this was to make sure everything works before the demonstration!

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