Maplewood Teen Tech Camp Demo

Every summer our local libraries host a week long camp where kids and teens get to experience different aspects of technology. Each day of the camp there are multiple activities where the participants are able to try all sorts of new things in exciting ways. We’ve had the honor to be invited to show off our robot and explain what we do at these events for the past few summers. It’s always exciting to share about the program we are so passionate about!

When we entered the camp, the 15 members of the camp were playing what sounded like a loud, fun game. We snuck around them to set up part of the game elements we brought and make sure that our robot, Stacy, was all set to go. We started out with an informal spiel explaining about FTC, the robotics program we participate in, and what Stacy was designed to do. After answering some questions, we gave a short demo of Stacy’s abilities. We had her shoot a couple wiffle balls the four foot tall hoop we brought, something that was the main part of last season’s challenge.

Posse members talking in front of a group of teens

Later, we let each of the teens drive Stacy and another demo bot we brought around. The teen worked together with a member of our team to pick up a wiffle ball, aim, and shoot it through the hoop. After their turn, we gave them each their very own robot drivers license. Our team was glad they all got such a kick out of them! We loved seeing all of the members appreciate Stacy and ask us questions about robotics and our team.

One of the students driving Stacy the robot

We hope to be invited back next summer!

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