Mini Maker Faire Demo

The Mini Maker Faire was a public event held at the state fair grounds where makers had the opportunity to show what they are all about. Lots of families and kids made a day coming out and seeing all of the STEM related booths. One of our yearly sponsors, TC Maker, invited us to demo our robot, Stacy, at the event. We were thankful to have the chance to share about the robotics program that all of us enjoy so much.

We set up a smaller version of the 12 foot playing field for Stacy to drive around on and shoot wiffle balls into the four foot tall hoop that was the main element of last season’s challenge. Kids were all over the place and we invited them over to drive the robot. Working together with a member of our team, the kids moved the robot into position for our team member to shoot the ball into the hoop. Robotics requires good teamwork! After they were done, we made sure to give them their very own official robot’s drivers license. It was amazing to see how excited the licenses made all of them!

Kids driving the robot

The Posse talking to visitors

While the kids were driving Stacy, more members of our teams talked to the parents about the various FIRST robotics programs for the different age ranges that their kids may be interested in joining. We had flyers with information about each program that we handed out to those interested. We also directed them to the some of the other robotics teams there. It was great to see everyone have such a good time!

Young visitor happily driving the robot

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