Operation California: Last Day!!

For the last day, the agents were confronted with core values judging, robot runs, and the award ceremony. First part of today’s mission was core values. The agents completed the task well, but they failed to receive callbacks. After that, they were confronted with the robot runs. The robot runs didn’t meet the high standards of other agents, but they persevered and they were optimistic about the rest of the competition. The team took a break to run through the operation of wet rides, causing a soaking in their clothes. Now, it was time for the most important event: the award ceremony. They took a first place award in the category of Innovative Solution (WOOP) and added ten inside jokes to their list of 53 (also woop). Overall, it was a great experience for the agents and they learned a lot of helpful skills for future missions. Job well done, gals.


Signing off: Agents Sabriyah and Emily

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